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Take off your coat (or sunglasses!) and stay a while…

Hello and welcome to Storia Editing & Design!

We’re a British and American creative team working out of a sunny studio in Florence, Italy. The Italian word “Storia,” the name of our business, means not only story but also history; it represents imagination on one hand and reality on the other – an intersection of fiction and nonfiction where stories are born.

Stories take many forms and communicate what is important to us as humans – whether the narrative takes the form of a book, a manual, a logo, or a rebranding. Whether your story consists of 100,000 words or a single image on a logo, we’re delighted to help edit and design it.

Get to Know Us

Let me tell you a little about us. Between us, we hold advanced degrees in English literature and art (Bennington, Loughborough School of Art) and studied the history of art at Oxford for two years. We’re absolutely smitten with design and the written word; from etymology to the classics, typography to semicolons, logo designs to character arcs. We are a veritable think tank of design, marketing, and storytelling enthusiasm.

Our clients’ success is our success. For instance, last month one of our clients – an American translator – landed an agent for a book of fairy tales, while another client’s bestselling books are being sold at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy. On the design front, we just completed a contract with a sustainable flying coalition in the Netherlands – we were so happy to be involved in some small way in supporting a positive change in the world by reducing the carbon footprint of air travel. We also just worked with a family farm in Amsterdam, collaborating on images that will best share their free-range, organic farming philosophy.

Whether you’re looking for a stunning, meticulously tailored book design, a striking logo directed at the needs of your particular demographic – one that expresses the core of your company’s ethos – or a developmental edit, a ghostwritten title, or a quick proofread for your manuscript, we’re happy to brainstorm! Let’s create a mood board or story grid, and throw ideas around.

Active in Local Community

We’re happy to be a trusted part of the local Florence Writers community and to count so many Florence-based expats among our clients.  One of our authors recently landed an agent in Paris while another author’s titles are being sold at the Uffizi.

To get a better idea of our work and engagement with our brilliant authors, why not read our blog? We’ve been told it’s “not as boring as you’d expect.” So hold onto your hats! You might also hop over to our Facebook page and have a read. We post events, discounts, and interviews with our writers, as well as all things bookish, literary, and inspiring.

For instance, recent posts involve famous authors who requested that their manuscripts be burned when they died (we don’t offer that particular editing service, don’t worry!)  as well as the edited kiss scenes from Cinema Paradiso. 

“Ms. Mhyana edited my fiction manuscript. Her work was thorough and she gave very insightful comments, from punctuation and grammar to the overall structure of the book, which greatly helped to improve and refine my writing.”

M.E. Walsh, Artistic Director, St. Mark’s Cultural Association; Founder, Florence Writers’ Group and Editor, Sigh Press
Florence, Italy

Florence Aperitivo Evenings

Come one, come all! Jalina regularly hosts informal, one-on-one book consultations at beautiful cafes around Florence. Come join Jalina for an aperitivo – kind of like happy hour, but with delicious Italian food. Authors are allotted 30-minute time slots to use however they wish – editing something on the spot, discussing a book idea, troubleshooting a structure problem, or helping write a back cover blurb on a cocktail napkin.

International clients, we’re happy to set up a 30-minute phone consultation with you  (but you’ll have to provide your own prosecco and appetizer!)


Recent Projects

Recent work includes an edited book of Tuscan fairy tales, a lightly ghostwritten and edited nonfiction book on the importance of storytelling in business meetings and interviews, an edited story about a child’s pilgrimage to find Jesus in the most unlikely of places, an edited young adult fantasy novel about a pediatric hospital that caters to magical children, a ghostwritten celebrity chef cookbook/memoir, a ghostwritten series of interviews with clothes designers such as Issey Miyake for a Paris fashion week publication, a ghostwritten script for a Tokyo design firm’s video lookbook, and a proofread eBook about the dynamics of networking.

Our Most Popular Service

…is by far our €300 manuscript evaluation. This is a brief, thoughtful assessment of your manuscript that points out strengths and weaknesses. Manuscript evaluations help you to see the big picture and give you the confidence you need to tackle your final draft with newfound enthusiasm, focus, and direction. As edits run €800 and up, an evaluation is the most budget-friendly and immediate option. Think of it as a love letter from the muses.



Who Are We?


We’re a Yank & Brit team doing what we love: helping authors create unforgettable, publishable books. Jalina Mhyana, an American, is an award-winning writer and editor with an MFA in literature and creative writing who dreams of owning a printing press one day and collects raindrops from chandeliers. Sean Quinn, a friendly British bloke, holds a degree in art and can be found baking English scones with a volume of Rilke in his pocket. He’s writing a monograph on the color white.

“I knew from the first edit on the page that Jalina was the editor for my book of translated Tuscan fairy tales. She was clear, consistent and meticulous, and obviously had a good grasp of the tone I was trying to capture. I never felt as though her hand was heavier than strictly necessary and when she was finished with her edits (and I was finished revising) I felt as if my manuscript was shiny like a new penny. I wholeheartedly recommend her services!”

Lori Hetherington, Translator
Florence, Italy