Do I really need an editor?

Storia Book Editing & Design

Why hire an editor?

We know from personal experience that a single letter can change the trajectory of your life; whether it’s a query letter, an application essay letter, a cover letter or a love letter.

If one single letter – one page of writing – can have such a tremendous impact on your life, think of the impact a novel, memoir, or nonfiction title can have; not only on you but on your readers and the world at large.

At Storia, we guarantee that the ideas and stories you present to the world will be meticulous and stylish whether you’re writing a fiction synopsis or a bestselling trilogy.

Engaging. Succinct. Intelligent.

Don’t let your fate be dictated by typos, grammar mistakes, and poor execution!


Do I really need an editor?

Yes, a resounding yes! You do need an editor. Even editors need editors.

Likewise, surgeons don’t operate on themselves, and lawyers rarely litigate for themselves.

Not only do you need an editor to look over your finished manuscript to check for clarity, cohesion, character arcs, subplot, consistency, and a host of other things, but after you revise with your editor’s corrections in mind, you will need to hire an editor to do a line edit or copy edit to check for consistency again and to check your style. Once you’ve made these corrections, you’ll need to hire a proofreader to make sure that you haven’t inadvertently added new typos or mistakes in the course of your revisions.

At Storia, we deliver exacting substantive edits, copy edits, and line edits. We check for accuracy, pacing, consistency of tone, tense, and voice. We help eradicate the passive voice, weak syntax, and common but incorrect grammar. If necessary we can “ghostwrite” a little flair and panache into the story, help with transitions, as well as assess the overall story arc, character development, subplots, etc.


Asking friends to edit your work

Your friends’ proofreading might be cheap, or even free, and he or she probably has the best of intentions. But we guarantee that he or she will not be honest with you.

Friends and family prioritize your feelings and your friendship over your professional writing success. And they should.

Editors, on the other hand, are literary drill sergeants. We try to be as compassionate as possible but the bottom line is: We’re not here to make you feel good about yourself.

You pay us to make your work the best it can possibly be. That’s our job. 

Your friends will not do this, and your work will suffer from your friends’ kindness.

Furthermore, your friends’ livelihood doesn’t depend on the success of your written work. You won’t write a bad review of his or her editing skills, or circulate bad word of mouth about his or her editing business. Your friend never has to deal with the ramifications of a poorly executed job.

Professional freelance editors, on the other hand, need happy clients to keep food on the table. One bad review threatens our livelihood. Simply put, professional editors are invested in your future success to a degree that your friends are not.

That’s why, even though I have sixteen years’ experience as a professional editor – and dozens of friends in the publishing business – I hired a professional editor to do a substantive edit on my first memoir; the most gut-wrenching, soul-searing edit possible.

She gave me no-holds-barred advice that was worth every penny.


Do you guarantee publication?

Storia is not a publishing house. While we guarantee that every book we edit is of publishable quality, we cannot promise publication.

The dynamics of the publishing industry are perpetually in flux, and even agents are scratching their heads these days, wondering what to make of it all. Despite the uncertainty, and the odds of breaking through, take heart in the fact that it does happen.

One thing we can promise is that you will not be published if your manuscript is riddled with errors, no matter how brilliant or entertaining it is.

Is it worth the risk?

Do you help with publication?

We have a lot of experience with both traditional and self-publication. We can help you craft compelling query letters, blurbs, press releases, synopses, and proposals for agents and independent publishers. These services are not included in the editing fee. However, after we have finished editing your text or manuscript we would be happy to draw up a new contract for these adjunct services.